Lenovo a369i does not turn on, does not respond, does not load beyond the logo.

The Lenovo a369i device, like all other devices, malfunctions for some reason. For example: battery wear, a complete discharge of the device (a very long time did not infect the smartphone), etc.

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On the lenovo a369i, a black screen with a logo does not turn on the phone:

Attention! If you make a reset to the factory settings, all applications and data that are on the phone will be deleted except for the data that is on the flash drive and SIM card, so you can backup the data if possible and required.

Try resetting your smartphone to factory settings, but before that, charge the device to more than 50% of the battery.
1.1. Turn off the phone.
1.2. Hold simultaneously the buttons: “Volume +”, “Volume -” and “Power” (power).
1.3. Release the buttons before the Lenovo logo appears.
1.4. After a few seconds, a green android icon will appear with an open belly and an exclamation point in red.
1.5. Quickly click once on the “Power” button and you will see the standard menu recovery. From the top will write “Android system recovery”.
1.6. Use the “Volume -” button (volume down) to select “wipe data / factort reset” and confirm the selection by pressing the “Volume +” button.
1.7. Wait. And when the inscription “Data wipe complete” appears again, “menu recovery” appears, select “reboot system now” to restart the smartphone. After which the phone should reboot and turn on.
1.8. If it doesn’t help to try to flash the smartphone (more about this in paragraph 6 below).
1.9. If the firmware did not help, then most likely the memory chip failed which can only be replaced in the Service Center or the phone repair workshop. There may also be problems with emmc (problems with internal storage or flash memory).

Lenovo a369i does not turn on, does not respond:

2. If the smartphone does not turn on, connect the charger and wait until the charge accumulates up to 5%, then try turning on the phone.
2.1. Check if the charger and connectors are working properly.
2.2. Maybe the phone freezes and just remove the battery and put it back in and try turning it on.

2.3. Check the connection of the lenovo a369i with the battery (battery), check the battery for swelling, if the contacts are poorly connected, bend for example with tweezers slightly.
2.4. Try to remove the flash drive. The phone may sometimes not turn on through a full memory.

3. Check if the smartphone has fallen into water. If the nival fell, do not include it. Remove the battery and dry it. Do not use a hair dryer for this; hot air can damage the device. Check there are oxidations on the boards.

4. Check if the battery is swollen. Check whether your battery is in the phone: the original Lenovo a369i is equipped with a battery model BL203, Voltage: 3.7VDC, Charging limit voltage: 4.2VDC, Battery capacity: 1500 mAh / 5.55Wh.
5. Try to insert a new battery.
6. Try to reset to factory settings with instructions as described above. If you can’t start the “menu recovery”, then you can use the following method.
7. Try to flash the smartphone using the computer program FlashTool yourself or hand over for repair so that they would flash for you. (it often happens that the owners of this smartphone for some reason flies firmware).
8. If, after the correct firmware, the phone turns on, but no further than the logo does not load, try again to reset the factory settings in the manner described above.
9. If, when you try to reset to factory settings from recovery, the phone turns off and does not completely reset, then you definitely need to contact a service center or workshop because the power controller on the motherboard is most likely to have failed.
10. If after the next reboot your smartphone turns on and the name lights up, you can try to hold all three buttons down for 20-30 seconds and then press the power button, maybe it will help if it doesn’t help then do everything as it is written in this article.

11. It may also be that there was a failure and it does not turn on through the fact that you were flashing the phone and it was discharged during the firmware or there was no contact via the USB cable to the PC.
12. If your phone has fallen or something else and has received mechanical damage and after that the Lenovo a369i phone does not turn on, then repair can not be done.
13. If nothing helps and your Lenovo a369i smartphone does not turn on, then there may be problems with both the memory, the power controller, the processor, etc.


Attention! Be very careful with the firmware of the phone, as incorrect actions to flash the phone in the FlashTool application can harm your Lenovo a369i. The firmware also deletes all data from the phone so you can backup data if possible and required.

Which firmware can be downloaded and where can I find them, as well as firmware instructions, see here:

For a369i firmware, you must perform the following steps: download the driver, FlashTool and the required firmware, install the driver, disconnect the smartphone from the PC and run Flash_tool. The phone should be visible in the off state as a preloader in com-ports in the device manager, install usbvcom if it is not so displayed if you installed the driver before this. And flashing. Details of how to do this at the link:

When flashing, no errors should occur. That is, if there is some kind of error that the FlashTool application shows, then or something, then you are not doing it right or it is better to bring the device to the workshop or service center.

If something does not work out or if you want advice from the support of this manufacturer, you can use this data:


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