Lenovo p780 heats up

Lenovo p780 heats up in the normal state from the heavy load from the game and “heavy” applications that use a lot of resources of a smartphone processor, video processor, RAM. And this is a normal phenomenon since all phones under this load are heated. But what to do when there is no apparent reason and the smartphone heats up? They did not play the game, did not use the installation application, and the Lenovo p780 heated up. Let’s get it right.

Lenovo p780 can bask in running multiple applications at the same time, or running multiple applications simultaneously in the background.

Often, users of the Lenovo p780 notice a vibrator in the application during a long conversation. If you also have this situation, then most likely this vibe application is loading your lenovo p780 so it starts to warm up. For example, during the work of the computer version of the vibera on the laptop, I watched many times on personal experience that the vibera application sometimes 100% loads the laptop processor, restarting the application helps. This is most likely a poorly optimized application.

If you observe the heating of the lenovo p780 for no apparent reason, I recommend closing it through the settings – applications, all unnecessary applications. Click “Pause” in each of them. You can also try to remove some of them, do you really need them anyway?

If all else fails and the lenovo p780 heats up, maybe it’s just this weather, it’s time to rock? Indeed, in the summer at +30 the heat is heated more than in the spring, for example.

If you have not been able to solve the problem for a long time, I recommend contacting a good workshop or service center where qualified specialists will be able to check all the hardware from the inside for short circuits and defects.