Lenovo p780 takes a long time to charge

3 main reasons why lenovo p780 takes a long time to charge?

1. You actively use your smartphone while charging, play games, watch movies, etc. or in the background some applications are working that require a lot of resources.
1.1. The first thing you can do is to remove unnecessary applications and “pause” open unnecessary applications.
2. You charge via USB cable from a laptop or computer.
3. There is a problem with battery wear, a charger, or a connector on both the smartphone and charger.
The first two reasons are clear, but let’s deal with the third one.

3.1. The second thing you can do is charge the lenovo p780 in the off state and check how much it will charge and compare.
3.2. Charge completely and measure how many hours the phone is discharged in the off state.
3.3. Check charger and charger cable. Replace the charger and replace the test cable. Try charging with a charger of 5V from 1A or higher.
3.4. Check if you have enough current in the outlet.

If the Lenovo p780 in the off state also takes a long time to charge, then you can do the following:

1. Check if you have an original charger and battery. If not the original, is there enough volt and ampere for your battery (that is, like the original charger).
2. To brush with alcohol and dry the connectors on the smartphone and on the charger. In no case should you turn it on with wet connectors.

Also, let’s remember if you are bringing the Lenovo p780 to a full discharge? Do you always charge your smartphone 100%? You did not apply the charging rules for the first time using the lenovo p780? If the answer is yes. Then maybe a new battery will solve the situation.

If none of the above helped, then the problem is more serious: the problem is in the charge controller, moisture entering the smartphone itself, mechanical damage to both the smartphone and charging, or factory defect and need to be repaired.